A Visual Introduction to DSP for SDR

This is an animated slide deck providing a tour of digital signal processing topics relevant to implementation of software-defined radios, focusing on building visual/geometric intuition for signals.

Topics covered:

View the interactive slides. Requires WebGL and getUserMedia. In practice, requires Chrome; problems (audio processing stopping after some time) have been seen on Firefox.

(Keyboard controls: left/right arrows to change slides. Space to pause/resume live signal. T to pause signal until a loud moment and resume.)

Or, watch a recording of me giving the presentation at Balint Seeber’s Cyberspectrum, November 2014.

Source code, and issue tracker with future plans.

Note: The presentation will request access to your microphone. This access is used only to display live audio. The audio will not leave your computer, and the page is on a subdomain so that your authorization doesn’t carry over to anything else I might make. I also plan to provide non-microphone sources such as a built-in signal generator or audio files, but that's not done yet.